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Questions about various meats for smoking

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Hi I am just starting out with this so I am curious about various ways of cooking. I got interested in this after eating a pulled pork sandwich at a Christmas party that was really good. In the Summers I have a Funnel Cake concession stand along with Fresh Mint Limeade. I thought about possibly offering a sandwich but am Leary because of the extra work involved. What cuts of beef for example can be cooked to produce a pulled meat like say a brisket. I did Jeff's Tip Sirloin but that is more like a steak in nature but was really good. I would like to be able to shred the final cook like pulled pork so what would be done different from the sirloin tip recipe?

Thanks for any input. BTW I am live in Centerville UT so my first cooks were with outside temperatures in the low 30's.

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Hello Kent.  I know I am a little slow ( age thing ) but I am missing something in your post.  You say you are leary because of the extra work for pulled pork but then you ask about making pulled beef.  The beef would be no easier than pork.  Brisket can be pulled or served as a chopped brisket sandwich.  You can even make a pulled/chopped/shredded chicken.  The pork butt and brisket could also be thin sliced ( electric slicer ) and made into a sandwich.  You can always make corned beef and pastrami for sandwiches.  None of these are HARD work but some can be time consuming.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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When I mentioned too much work I am referring to doing any kind of sandwich from the stand. I am looking at the prep time and cooking time required vs doing what I do now. I found the article on beef cuts and realized in the past we cooked mostly chuck roasts which were very easy to shred. Once I get a little more experience with this grill I may reconsider offering a sandwich from our stand.thanks for your help. In the mean time I am looking to just use this for the family and with that in mind the time factor really doesn't matter.
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