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Brisket try number ????

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Giving brisket another try today kept it pretty simple this time. Just trimmed the fat, spread brown and spicy mustard on, rubbed with John's "Dawg Gone Good" a small amount of Montreal steak and small amount of pepper the night before. Have the MES 40 warming to 235 and AMZNPS is giving me plenty of smoke. The only thing I am doing out of the ordinary I punch several holes in the bottom of a aluminum pan and put all the fat removed in the pan above the brisket.
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Here is the fat pan. By the way the brisket is 13#!
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How did the other 12 turn out
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I have had 1 good brisket out of about 12! I have a good feeling about this one. IT after 6 hours at 235 degrees is 163. Will foil it at 165-170.
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Cranked the temp up to 260 after foiled at IT 160 that was 7 hours in. Now 2 hours later IT is 192. Dummy me forgot to take pictures. The brisket looked amazing tons of juice and nice bark.
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Pulled and wrapped in a heavy blanket at 195 IT after 9 hours in the smoker. Letting it rest for 2-3 hours before cutting into it. It's been 45 minutes wrapped the IT jumped up to 198 and now is 196.
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Just finished eating! Overall brisket is pretty good one of my better smokes. The wife never likes what I smoke and she said brisket was good.
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