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Wagyu Brisket with q-view

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About a month ago I had a couple questions about a Wagyu I ordered. Thought I'de share the results.[IMG][IMG][IMG]
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So was it better taste than any other brisket?

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Looks good. So how was the taste compared to grass or grain feed beef?

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Dude looks awsome how long did u smoke
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I was there to sample this brisket...definitely very, very good. In my opinion you could tell a difference in texture and overall tenderness vs. your standard brisket. However, no two cooks are exactly the same and it's difficult to say if taste was much different. Would have been interesting to do a standard brisket side by side with the same conditions and method. That being said, this was excellent brisket either way and the burnt ends were spectacular as well.


I also did a rack of spares (competition style) in Mundy's other cooker next to the cooker with the brisket, that were eaten up in about 3 seconds. I wasn't sure if I'd even get any of those as I was slicing and feared I would have to cut off a finger or two of folks grabbing them up. They were gone before I could snap a couple of pics of them. 


All in all it was a very good cook with some great barbecue and good friends. Hope to do it again very soon. 


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