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Cotto Salami with Q-View

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I completed my first fibrous casing sausage project using a recipe for Cotto Salami. Here is the recipe for a 10 lb. batch. I made a double batch. The end result was very good, but I would make a few changes for the next time I make a batch. First, I believe the sausage could have used a tad bit more fat. It was good as is, but my personal preference would be to add more. Another adjustment would be in the cool down phase. I plunged the sausage into ice water when it hit the target temp, but did not leave it out at room temp for an hour or so after. I was rushed and put it directly into the refrigerator. I believe, after doing some post-project research, this contributed to some slight wrinkling of the casing. Please offer any advice to avoid wrinkling! I'm eager to get this right!


Lastly, the recipe called for grinding the beef through a 1/8 " plate and and the pork through a 3/16" plate. I screwed up and used the small plate for all. Again, the end result was good in my opinion, but a few rookie mistakes allows for improvement on the next batch.


Once the meat is ground, add the remaining ingredients to the ice water. Then add the solution to the meat mixture, blend well. Refrigerate overnight.

The next day, stuff the meat into fibrous casings. I used 2.5" diameter x 24" mahogany casings, but cut them in half (I could not find a source for 12" casings).


The next step is to hang them in my pre-heated (135 degrees) GOSM smoker for an hour to dry. I added cherry wood chips and gradually increased the smoker temp to 165 - 175 degree range until the sausage hit the 155 degree target. Then into the ice bath to cool down.


I must mention that my wife did an excellent job tying the casings, making loops to hang, and operating our 5 lb.LEM stuffer, and clean up. This project could not have happened without her help. :)


I hope you enjoy the pics and, again, I welcome any feedback regarding wrinkle prevention or any other advice.





Cotto Salami

6.5 lbs lean beef

3.5 lb. lean pork butt

1 pint ice water

6 T salt

2 T ground black pepper

1 T whole black pepper

1 T cardamom

4 lg garlic cloves (finely chopped)

6 T corn syrup solids

2 tsp. cure #1

2 cups soy protein concentrate


















I ran short of casings so I hand rolled a few sausage logs. They took on some great smoke flavor!




We had some friends over and served the Cotto Salami with my Oxtail Terrine


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That's one of prettiest things I've seen all day!
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Thanks, Speaks! It was fun.

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If they taste as good as they look, you did a great job.



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Looks Great!
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Your wife did do an excellent job. I don't see any casing shrinkage. I don't think that 1/16" in plates mattered too much. Looks excellent!

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Looks delicious! However, if you think you can do it better next time, I would be happy to take this batch off your hands.



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I think it looks great......Thumbs Up       I like the low fat content you used in the ss.....  I tend to use 93/7. Would like to see some more whole peppercorns....... Nice job



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