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What thermometer to buy???

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I'm looking to buy a new meat thermometer for my Bradley Digitial Smoker.  I have heard that the Maverick ET 732 or 733 is the way to go.  The only problem is that they are darn expensive ($50-$75).  Does anyone have another dual probe/wireless thermometer that they like and is a little more economical?  Thanks for the feedback!

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I think for the money you cant beat the maverick (if you are stuck on having a dual probe). I have a single probe maverick and the wireless range is pretty weak. I hear there is a Mod for it to extend the range but that is just not something I am into. I use that and a couple cheapos that I bought at a box store. I am really interested in trying the igrill mini, still only a single probe but a pretty cool little unit.

Okay now that I get to looking I am VERY interested in the IGrill2 - 4 probes baby!

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ditto what coffee_junkie said....for the price i think maverick is your best bet. if you buy a cheap on from home depot your spending 20-25 bucks and you usually will get one probe. so you cannot monitor the meat and chamber temp at the same time. Also if your spending that much...for another 20-25 bucks you could get the maverick which is a proven thermometer by many members on here.


I have 2 and they are great! Todd, owner of A-Maze-N Products, is a member and sponsor of this forum and he always offers a sale on the Mavericks  on his site as well as free shipping!


if you message him he might even give you a code for 10% off. super nice guy

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Don't be so cheap! :sausage:


It is well worth double the price! 732 is the way to go!

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LOL... coffee_junkee, I just went and looked at the igrill and saw the igrill2 and thought the same thing.  Thanks, dougmays. I will be sure to check that out.  I'm thinking I should just go with the Maverick for now because, like you said, it is proven by many members.

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You've made a wise choice. I also own a maverick probe as well and have been completely satisfied.

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Maverick would be my recommendation too. I have several but have also tried other brands. The Maverick has a long wireless range and has been totally reliable for me. One I would avoid like the plague is the Weber Style. I have had 2 and the battery life is almost non existent and the sender and receiver kept losing connection unless they were kept less than 6 feet apart.

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I have a Maverick ET-73, but when the ET-732 came out, I semi-retired my ET-73.


The ET-732 has much better range.




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I have 732 & the range is fantastic. Only thing is that the probe wire length is very short out of box...about 30". You can get a deal if you shop around. Got mine for $62 on Amazon. Keep an eye on A-Maze-N Products, Todd runs specials from time to time. He just had a -20% holiday sale.

IMO it is worth the $$ for a Maverick.

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I have two maverick 732 since I smoke fish using two Big Chief smokers at the same time and love them.  Very accurate.   I also have an igrill and think it's junk.  Very short range of signal strength.

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You can also buy replacement probes for the Maverick, whereas the box store thermo becomes......... well, I have 2 of them in a drawer somewhere :(
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X2 (or is it 22?) on the Maverick and Todd as a source to buy it from.

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Just ordered the 733 off amazon. I'll let you know next week how it works.
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i believe maverick also offers longer probe cables if you need more space

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The 732 comes with 6' long cables, more than enough. The 73 is stock with short ones. The extra $20 or so for the 732 over the 73 is well worth it. The 732 works so much better and is easier to operate!

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