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Pulled the trigger

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The heating unit went out on my MES 30 and talked my wife into a new smoker. After looking at Rec Tec, which I loved, Treager and Lowes Char Griller, I chose the Char Griller at Lowes for the price $449 and size 580 Sq in cooking space. Really wanted the Rec Tec but couldn't justify spending that coin after I just bought a new hunting toys before my smoker broke. Also if you have a Lowes CC, you can get 5% off. Will post pics once I pick it up, they didn't have one at my store.
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Congrats on becoming a pellet burner!  I saw one of those Char Grillers at my local Lowe's a few months back...looks like a nice rig for that price.  Be sure to post some pics of it in action when you get it all set up.



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