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I want to upgrade....

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So, my wife bought me an inexpensive Mastrbuilt can smoker for Chrsitmas last year.  I have had fun with it and all of the modifications I had to make in an attempt to actually control the temperature.  However, no matter how much I modify it, there are simply some things it will never do, such as an unattended overnight smoke of a large shoulder, etc.  My birthday is around the corner, and I am considering asking for an upgrade and would like some suggestions.  I enjoy the charcoal style smokers and have attempted to smoke chicken, brisket, shoulder and ribs.  this tends to be where I will probably stay.  Without spending a fortune, what charcoal style smoker would you all recommend for my upgrade?  Thank you all in advance.

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Chargriller Akorn, I have one and love it or a Weber Smokey Mountain if you want to buy one or build a UDS yourself with a few tools for under $100. I would buy another Akorn tomorrow if anything happened to the one I have. Next step up is a Ceramic cooker like the Big Green Egg but they are quite a price jump from the first 3.

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