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Cold Smoked Strip Loin - Deep Fried - Questions

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Ok....going to a winter Adventure Guides Camp - Old Indian Guides this Friday. We are cooking a 17lb strip loin for dinner (12 dads, 12 sons 10 years old). I plan on cold smoking the loin (whole) and deep frying the loin in a turkey fryer.




1: Trim Loin

2: Oil and Season (Montreal steak seasoning)

3: Cold smoke for 4-6 hours using Pitmaster Blend and an AMPNS, figure 2 hours at 70 degrees to dry outer skin of loin then 4-6 hours of smoke


4: Wrap and let rest and mellow 4-6 days

5: At camp - Prep - unwrap, connect to turkey holder, light dusting of corn starch (remove moisture from skin and help with crust)

5: Turkey Fryer and canola (kids allegric to peanut oil) at 350 degrees for 3 minutes a pound (similar to a deep fried prime rib)


6: 17lbs x 3 minutes  equals approximately 50 minutes cooking time - I assume this will get me to medium/medium rare


7. let sit for 10 minutes to pull juices back into meat



at same time in another fryer we will be doing smashed red skins, cheese sticks, pizza rolls, and other fried kid friendly foods).


It will be around 32 degrees at camp. Should be an interesting outside cook and lots of fun.


Any input on potential pitfalls? or adjustments to my plan.





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I'd be concerned about having the meat above 40* for the time frame you have there without using cure.
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I could cold smoke without heat......its 32 outside today.


What would you think max window would be to cold smoke without cure?



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Honestly I wouldn't cold smoke it that far in advance. I would cold smoke it for 2 hours (making sure to keep the IT of the meat below 40*) then right into the oil.
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Thanks.....what is the logic of not doing it in advance?


Problem is a smoker will not be at camp. It needs to be done in advance so it can be made in the woods.

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Took the 17lb strip and lightly coated in EVO. Added a liberal sprinkling on Montreal Steak Seasoning.


Placed meat into smoker. Outside temp was 23 degrees. Used my AMPNS and added Pit Master Blend.


Smoked the Whole Strip Loin for about 4 hours with a TBS.  Smells incredible. Will post pictures after this weekend.


We plan on deep frying the whole loin for our Winter Camp Out......


Should be good.


I hope.

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I should add.....NO HEAT IN SMOKER. Just the AMPNS smoking away

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you're fine to cold smoke that strip or e rib eye with just the Montreal spice as you are and not use cure. 

the salt in the spice blend will inhibit the bacteria and smoking it will also add another layer of protection. 

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