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New Year BBQ Resolutions?

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I rang in the new year by smoking a brisket point on my new MES 30 (I did the flat a while back on my adapted gas grill.)  I wasn't impressed but my wife and mother-in-law liked it.  The flat I did on the gas grill had a really good flavor but was tough; I shorted myself on time. 


I have decided that this year I want to try to perfect my brisket and get started on fatties and ABT's.  What is it that you all are going to try to perfect or at least try out on the pit this year?

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I rang in New Year's Day with an 8.5 lb hot n' fast pork shoulder on my new 22.5" WSM.  Still enjoying the leftovers.


BBQ resolutions?  I've been stovetoppin', oven roastin', and outdoor grillin' for other people (family, friends, roommates, etc) since I was 19 years old, almost 40 years, but only took up smoking meat this past August.  I have the personal flavor profiles nailed that I love with SLC ribs, whole/parted chicken, and pork tenderloins.  What I'm still working on are my flavor profiles for butts/shoulders, briskets, and turkeys.  Sure been having fun with rubs, injections, brines, and different woods.  I think this year will be about nailing my personal flavor profile preferences.  Then I'll probably keep experimenting and have to find them all over again!     

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Resolution , get my OWN laptop and not share... what a bummer ,5 people and 1 laptop   :mad:


As always . . .

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Make more bacon. :36:

Every time I make some, it seems like people come out of the woodwork for samples...

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Great thread!! I realy got into the grill and smoker more this year than ever. Cant stand to even walk past it without talking to it at least. This year it's trying to perfect  my own sausage recipes [ i'm my worst critic].  A fresh Ukranian is my first project.  On the outside i'm going for a great beef brisket.  Haven't done one in a long time and the folks on here sure have made some nice ones. Reinhard

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