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Are there better smokers than the reason. $$

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I have a masterbuilt electric smoker that just broke. Every time I plug it in it trips the gfi or breaker. So I need a new smoker. I thought of getting a propane one, but the masterbuilt propane one seems to have issues with low temps and needs some modifications to make it better.


So are there better smokers, maybe propane that are with-in the $200 -$300 range?


Any thoughts would be great.



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I will tell you this, a lot of what you are describing is a common issue with the mes. A corroded wire at the element is the culprit quite often. Not sure if your model has an access door to the element but you can always get the back panel off to inspect. Its a pretty easy fix. You're probably going to toss it anyway and there's a few threads on here that gives you the fix in a step by step format. Nothing to lose. Theres plenty of propane and electric cookers out there in your price range.... especially this time of year. The search function will help you with models and reviews. Best of luck.
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My research on propane smokers led me here.  I learned that the Masterbuilt Smokers were a good value with a few mods.  I don't mind making a few mods.  So far I've spent around $30 to make up for it's short comings...$10 for the cast iron skillet, $16 for a gasket kit for the doors, and $3 for a larger water pan.  I already had a remote temp probe but bought a Maverick ET-732 anyways due to the recommendations here and the fact that I got it for $1.03 after applying my Discover rewards points to the purchase on Amazon.  I'm going to build a small windscreen to go around the bottom out of some scrap wood in my garage.  All in all, I'm out of pocket less than $250.  I couldn't find a unit that fit my needs better than what I got.

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I'm with Todd!
Got a masterbuilt xl propane Smoker. $200, cast pan $8. Doors seal well enough. Wind bock, old 2x8s I had laying around, and soon, a cover $20.
1000 times better than my old smoker MB 7in1.
I haven't looked back. :thumbup:
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I've had this Master Forge for 2 years and I love it . With having 2 doors it keeps the chamber temp regulated when you have to change the wood or add water. it does leak around the door but for $179 it does the job and does it well.

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Next time around with electric I will be looking at Smokin-It and Iron Chef Smoker brands.
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Wow, I just joined to respond to the comment above by Utmba95.


DO NOT REMOVE THE GROUND FROM ANY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE!  Especially one that has a fault in it already - fix the fault. 

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