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mini explosion?! HELP

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hi guys - while pre heating my smoker i added two "loader" full of wood chips in my MES 30,  around the 250 degree mark it was putting out some good smoke when all of a sudden  "POOF" and the wood chip loader door shot out of the smoker about 5-6 inches!  and a big cloud of smoke billowed out of loader hole.  did i do something wrong?  i had the top vent closed off.  i looked inside and could see the chips where fully engulfed in flames.  i turned the unit off, and waited til the flame died out.  i ve sinced turned it back on and brought it back up to temp.  didnt add any new chips and it appears to be holding temp and putting out some decent smoke.  Bird is in there now.


the little POOF and flame threw me for a loop there....didnt think it would do anything like that.  THANKS

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You should leave your top vent open all the way all the time when smoking. Not sure what caused your explosion though.
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Matt, morning...... Always leave the exhaust wide open..... Use 1/4 cup of chips at any one loading.... reload about every 30-45 minutes...

That will solve the "flash over" problem...
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thanks for the quick replys fellas.  i opend the vent all the way now and will reload using less chips next time!    thanks again,  this forum is a great thing!

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^^^^^^^ yup what he said
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Cannot help clicking on a "mini explosion" thread! Glad no injuries!


Happy New Year.

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Wood gas explosion.  They used to run cars and industrial engines off of the fumes from wood during WWII.  An oxygen starved environment is necessary for the production of the proper gasses and you apparently found the right combination in a MES 30.


Like the others said, vent open.

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haha wow , never knew about wood being used for engine fumes in WWII !  good lesson to have learned early on in my "smoking" career here lol


thanks again for the info fellas!

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