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Jerky Question

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I bought the LEM BBQ Jerky mix and plan to try making smoked ground pork jerky w/ a LEM Jerky Cannon. Do I need a certain fat content for consistency or flavor? Any smoking recommendations regarding time/temp, etc?



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Eliminate the fat..... it will sour in jerky..... No idea on time... temp...less than 165.... Dave
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Have to agree with Dave.  Personally, I would never use pork for jerky, due to the fat content.  I've used 90/10 ground beef in a jerky gun.  Don't dehydrate it over 165, as than you're cooking, not dehydrating.  Over 170, the fat will melt out of your product.  Keep it at 165 and you'll be fine.  Good luck.

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Do not Do pork jerky DANGER DANGER

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You can totally use pork to make ground jerky.

First there are a few things. When using ground meats, it's always safer to use some nitrites or celery, ensuring that the finished product stays safe.

Next, using lean meat is ideal, but don't worry about that if you don't have it. All you have to do is adjust your temp according. This also depends on your smoker. If you have forced air over the jerky, then turn the heat up and you will cook off most of the undesirable fats. If not, you need to keep it got enough to take some of the fat off, over a longer period of time. Totally depends on the smoker.

Btw, I do a ground bison, with pork, and cranberries, and it's fatty. But so tasty!


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Thanks guys! I'm slowly climbing the learning curve with various types of meat. I'm set up to go with sausage or jerky right now. I have about 200lbs of pork/deer to process this week.


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