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First sausage attempt

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I've been a long time BBQ lover and have ran the gamut of cookers, but all the while wanted to dabble in sausage making. I've got some walks at KCBS events and the neighbors love me. A few months back a neighbor allowed me to join his family on a sausage making day, 60 lbs of Polish, Italian and brats (for their first try). An experience that showed me it can be done. Santa was kind and dropped an LEM meat grinder down the chute and last weekend we gave it a spin with the Italian recipe from the neighbors. After the tips and tricks from this forum, a few from the neighbor, and 8 lbsd of meat the deed was done and the result was SUPER!!!!! Maybe not pretty, but tasty. I'm hooked on making better stuff than the store provides, just like making better BBQ than I can buy. The adventure expands! I have a few Wisconsin winter moths to decide what I want for a smokehouse. . . . . .

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Nice job amigo. I love making sausage and have found my groove in making it long ago. I will say that while I attended culinary school there were some potential chefs that couldn't make sausage look that good. I think you're on par for your first time as your links don't look terribly uneven and there are very little air pockets that I can see. Keep up the good work and practice!:sausage:

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Very nice looking sausage for your first run wouldn't have known. Hard to go back to store bought after you make your own. Looking forward to more qview from your next batch

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