Jerky racks??

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I searched and searched the forums and came up blank. Several others were looking for the same thing and no luck. Anyone been able to find jerky racks that fit the MES 40? I have several LEM racks and may have to modify them.
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I did some laid ‘em flat.



I did some where I used skewers



I have seen some were folks are using dowels.


What exactly are you looking for? Vertical or horizontal?


Afraid they'll fall thru the grate? Ok, try some of Todd's Teflon coated mats you can custom cut to match your grats and they are an inexpensive fix.

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I use toothpicks or skewers when I do whole muscle cuts of jerky. The hanging is the easy part.

My problem is when I do horizontal ground meat from the LEM jerky cannon. The Teflon mats may work out. I was just curious if others with a MES found a solution.

Thanks for responding, I appreciate the idea :)
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The mats work great for other things, I don't know why they wouldn't work for ground meat jerky. And at the price you can't lose.


Gotta look out for the brethren from the west.

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Thanks. I will give it a shot.
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Eastman Outdoors made the perfect size of 3 stackable racks. Unfortunately they have been discontinued. The next best choice comes from Wilton. They have 3 tier Cooling Racks that are 16" X 10" which will fit perfectly. If you plan to make ground meat jerky I would suggest getting QMATZ from A-MAZE-N Products.