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Using a rub on pork ribs

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I got some pork rib on Christmas and put a rub on them.  Wrapped them in plastic and what planning on cooking them the next day but didn't.  I was planning on cooking them today 12-29-13.  Are the ribs still good?

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Shidafox the ribs should be fine, they should be really good because u rapped them witch will hold all that flavor in good luck
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They are probably fine because the salt is a good preservative. Let your Nose be your guide. If they smell fine cook them...JJ

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well I did unwrap them this morning to see if they were slimy or had a smell.  They didn't appear to be slimy and the only thing I could smell is the rub. 


This is a first for me cooking the ribs.  I am going to cook them in the oven @ 350 for 3 - 4 hours.  I have a disposable pan and will have water in the bottom and the ribs will sit on a rack.  


I would use the grill out side but it is down pouring here in Fairfax, VA

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Why the Oven? They are much better Smoked. Even put on the Grill with an offset fire and some wood chips will give good flavor...JJ

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