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Pork Shooters

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My first attempt at making shooters.

Started off with a mix of cream cheese and shreded chedder

Used a piece of Kielbasa as the base, wrapped with bacon and slid a slice of Jalapeno in to keep the sides up.

Added the cream cheese mix

Smoked with hickory for until the bacon looked done.



I must say they were very good and a huge hit. :yahoo:

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looks good.. I really like the jalapeno idea... good one
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Fantastic! Those look like professional appetizers!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Great looking shooters! I too like the jalapeño idea!
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Those look good! Heat and saltiness and smoke together is a great combo.

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I bet your creation was the hit of the party. Stunning!



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Dang it them look great did some last night but I wish I would have thought of the jap pepper thing filling my with just rub and brown sugar

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What's the mix you used here on cream cheese and sharp cheddar?

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Looks like one for the ever growing recipe book.

Thanks for Sharing.

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Yummo those look good.
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LOL... how'd you keep 'em long enough to serve someone else? Such will power should be rewarded!


Those certainly look good. I am assuming my invitation to the party must have been lost in the mail AGAIN this year!


Grats !!!

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