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Weird changing temps

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Merry Christmas all.


I'm smoking a 10 lb Boston Butt for tomorrow's lunch, started it at 6 PM EST.  At 160 I will take it off and wrap it in foil with some apple juice and get it up to 180 and then finish it up to 195 without the foil on the grill.


I'm wondering what it is that makes a smoker fluctuate wildly over the course of 15 minutes.  For instance, I was sitting at 230 degrees for nearly an hour, no temp change.  Then suddenly the bottom fell out and the temp went to 205 before I went out and fed it some more air.


The question is why?  Nothing changed....the outside temperature, wind conditions, grates, nothing.  I could see +/- 5 degrees but why a sudden downshift?  After giving it a small change, it's now at 266.


Forgot to add my setup:  Chargriller Akorn Kamado.  Rockwood charcoal.  Chunks of Hickory and Apple with some Apple and Cherry shavings at the beginning of the smoke for some more instant smoke infusion.


I dunno

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Its all about air and temp control. A gadget that works real well with the acorn cookers is something like the pitmaster IQ stoker. Not too expensive and real good at getting steady temps.
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