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Oh Good! Thank you Gary!!!


I jump right in and then worry that I may offend someone etc...


I'm glad my shared story was appreciated! I sure do respect and appreciate my Dad now because of it! Hilarious how we teens do eventually grow up, right?


Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Hey Leah

I seldom worry about offending people.  Been doing that all my life LOL  When you've been a biker for 40 odd years and a truck driver for 39 years, you just don't sweat the little things.  Everybody I know just accepts that I'm a low life.  Ha Ha  I just figure people can take me for who I am or can just ignore me.


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What the heck is going on these days?   Why can't our kids afford to be on their own?  I had to move back for about four months one time!


My Daughter and Son-in-Law had to move in due to money issues and this was over a year ago.  It is very difficult to merge two families, pets, and now a new grandson together.


I was pretty happy being an empty nester.  Now I have an extra dog, soon a baby in the house, more clutter, dirt, and less control of the TV.  Oh, let's not forget the garage is a huge mess and my shed (14x24) is full of stuff.


I am not sure how long this 6 month temporary situation will last...???



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You all sound like my grandparents did 60 years ago and my parents did 30 years ago. Stan as in all of nature I believe the ONLY reason we are on this planet is to procreate and make sure our offspring have a better start then we did.  We all have to do what we can and then everything else like grandkids and kites or Great grandkids and kites is our payment and everything in between is what you make it.



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Hey Stan

Well said.  Sad.  But well said.  LOL  I'm just sitting here shaking/nodding my head


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