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Anyone know the people at

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I ordered some curing supplies on the 5th and still have not received the order. I have been trying to get in touch with them since Monday morning to no avail. The only human I can talk with is the answering service taking orders. Numerous emails, facebook, and phone calls will not get these people to return a call.


If you know them please ask them to have customer service call me. They should know who I am and have my numbers.

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Just talked to them and they will look into.

Called twice and went right through no problem, from Buffalo area

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You must have the in because they refuse to make contact with me. Not looking good.

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I have bought a lot of supplies for 15 yrs. w/no problem, not typical.



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JVick-did you ask for the free shipping or did you pay for shipping? I ordered some Cure #1 from them and opted for the free shipping only because I'm an ornery old fart and I refuse to pay $7.00 in shipping for a $3.00 item (Ma Dutch's comment-not mine biggrin.gif ). I knew going in that the free shipping could take as long as three week; I ordered my cure and was surprised when it showed up in the mail box 10 days later.

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I feel your pain. I only live a little over an hour away and ordered sausage supply's last month and it took just over 2 weeks to come. What a joke. I'm one state a way and my package went to I believe 4 states before it got to me.
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