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Pulled Pork

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Rubbed a 10# boston pork butt with Jeffs Rub.  Going to put on the smoker tomorrow.  Have you guys added an extra little bit of the rub on the pork once its pulled?  I saw it on some food show on TV and thinking about trying it.

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Its really up to you, in case you dont find the rub didnt give it enough flavor to your liking than yes you can do that or add a sauce of some sort, up to the consumer in my opinion. Im doing to Boston butts tomorrow and i will probably do the same thing depending on flavor.

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I usually add some once pulled. I will mix it through and allow to sit for a few minutes and taste then maybe add more or not, really up to you and your taste. I am not a big sauce guy. I have never had people complain about the taste.


If I use my electric smoker I use the drippings from the pan, pour some in a pan and sit in the fridge so the fat comes to the top and hardens then remove that and you will have a gelatin  boil this for a few minutes just to make sure no nastys survive, then add this to the pork, it will add moisture and more smoke flavor.

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