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Just happened to notice that Amazon has the Alsing Meat Claws in stock again, listed at $16.99. It would be nice if the seller would offer the discount again.
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I have them.  My wife says they are the wolf claws.  Received as a gift from a daughter a few months ago.  I've pulled pork and beef, plus used them for moving hot meat if my gloves weren't readily available.  Just last night used them for moving a cold cross rib roast around the counter while making thin slices for French dip sandwiches.  I use them because I have them.  I keep them in the kitchen not with my BBQ/smoker stuff.  They work as advertised.  Are they 100% necessary?  Nope.  Handy?  Yep. 

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I offer this comment with the caution that wives are always correct, even if the evidence indicates otherwise. I have both Wolf Claws and Alsing Meat Claws. They are somewhat different. They both seem to work equally well but I personally find the Alsings to be more comfortable.
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Originally Posted by SmokingOhioButcher View Post


Hey !!! I made one of those! Yup I did...all by myself!  Works great!

Check it out!





Use it a little for chunkier pulled pork....or a lot for full fledged shredded pork!



That's a really awesome idea. I guess it just fits in a drill?

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Originally Posted by Mdboatbum View Post

That's a really awesome idea. I guess it just fits in a drill?

Wow, if I put that puller in my drill I think I would end up with pulled pork accented wall...actually, that might be appropriate for me. icon_biggrin.gif
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You have to use a deep bowl. I use a 20qt pot that's pretty deep. Otherwise you'll have pulled pork wallpaper. Not bad if you're a "saving it for later" type.

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Originally Posted by rexster314 View Post

 I use a 20qt pot that's pretty deep.


Oh no, bigger.... a 5 gallon bucket!  <chuckles>


You guys should get together with the Kirby Mixer on another post and build one universal tool !

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Sorry for resurrecting an old post, but I use a spaghetti scoop to shred any parts that are too hot to do by hand. Saves buying another widget and works just as good. 

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I used both bbq gloves and the Bear Claws.  Using the gloves I found it difficult to get all off the fat off so I begin with the gloves and use the claws after.  I just got them for Christmas and love them!

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Originally Posted by AJBert View Post

I know Cabela's sells them but I prefer to use my on paws.  I've found I can "feel" the fatty spots and get them out better than my eyes can see them.  Yes, I wash my hands thoroughly and make sure the meat has cooled enough to be pulled by hand.  Learned that last part the very first time I pulled!

iv seen them at cabelas as well....but if you smoke to 200*IT most of the time you can just scrape it apart with a fork or tongs or whatever you got in your hand

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Originally Posted by cole5000 View Post

It just looked easier we use forks now it just seems to take forever






Originally Posted by eman View Post

Bear paws are the stuff. i usually put on my meat gloves and do it by hand .

Originally Posted by dirtsailor2003 View Post

This is what I use when I pull pork! Harbor freight nitrale gloves. I buy boxes of them for use when I am epoxying boat parts together.




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I found this hand puller very safe, easy to use and room saver. It shred any cooked meat in minutes


Best regards

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