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Grosse Pointe Here!

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Hi everyone, you have a new member from Grosse Pointe Woods. I am new to smoking and just have a cheap one but am learning and really having fun. If anybody is in my area, stop by for a beer. Any good bbq joints around I need to try?

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Welcome to the forum Jeffrey,  Glad you found the group and can't wait too see some Grosse Pointe smokes. I don't know the GPW area so I can't help with the BBQ joints but there are a lot of members from that part of the state so maybe they can chime in.



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Greetings again Jeffrey! If you can, hop onto I-94 and head up to 23 mile and go east 3 or 4 miles to Bad Brad's. Great ribs.
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Greetings from Canton!

I've heard good things about Bad Brad's. Though I have yet to try it. I used to go to Lazybones before I started smoking my own.
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