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Ribs and Ham

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First time slow smoking ribs, getting close to being done. I'm not doing any wrap in foil, smoked 5 hours around 200 degrees, then just kicked it up to 250. I wrapped the ham in foil, and tossed some slices of homegrown bacon in there to add a little moisture. I figure there's a couple more hours until the meat starts to fall off the bones, and then it's supper time! I'm going to chill the ham overnight, and then slice in the morning for lunch meat. Been a cold, drizzly, ice/snow day, and didn't have any problems keeping the Masterbuilt smoker doing it's thing. Also got my Maverick thermometer this week, first use today. That's really nice not having to run out into the cold to see how things are doing!



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Very nice, Ya I need to get me a Maverick.

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