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Smoker fail-question

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It didn't take too long to have a fail, after have some successes I tried to do some Lebanon bologna but discovered I couldn't get the temps low enough. As soon as I turn the temp control on it shoots up to 134 degrees. I needed 85 degrees for 48 hours. No can do with work and this smoker.

Question should I drill holes and install baffle control plates so I can lower the temp when I need to and close them when I need more heat?

I guess I'll need to try until I get enough holes or the right size holes to do what I want for now. I tried opening the door but it's iffy and really needs babysitting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It's a Smoke Hollow 30 inch electric with just a dial temp control. Is there a better add on temp controller available out there?

Thanks. Andy


BTW: I'm sure I killed the culture before fermenting was done. Should I still try to smoke this meat or toss it?

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  I would say that the smoker is fine. Its just the way it operates. At low setting might be 150o once it settles down. Med setting 200o and high 250o. Puting holes in it will only increase the temp. due to electric smokers cycle like an oven. You could get a PID. That will help keep temps down and not much overshooting.




 Good Luck

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Get yourself a line voltage thermostat similar to this one, plug your smoker into it and set it for the desired temp.. then sit back and relax .
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