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cold weather smoking

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I want I want to try smoking a butt on Sunday they're calling for high temperatures of 5 has anyone done this is it possible???
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No problem on my GOSM or stickburner, the wind is the killer not the cold.

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Those types of temps are where I begin when smoking cheese

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i've never experienced 5 degrees...sheesh i'd probably just stay inside! But fire is fire...just get that baby burning!

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I have smoked as cold as 10 above so far with my Masterbuilt electric 30.  It is insulated some, and it maintained it's temp that i set. Supposed to get beyond 20 below tonight so this weekend is a no smoke weekend. Reinhard

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This was the ambient air temp on Super Bowl Sunday last year in Old Town, Maine, prior to my pork butt cook-




Yes, it is possible.

BTW I know a guy that lives in Alaska, he cooks year 'round.

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i run my smoker in my shop, vented out thru a hole in the shop door with 3" heat duct. put the woodstove on in there, have a few beers and relax.....  :0)
i was going to build a hood to go over my masterbuilt and do the same using a bathroom fan. long cold winters up here in norther canada !!!!!
 and this site has me hooked on good food and making all these goodies


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Thanks all for the input gonna give I a shot what do I have to loose will monitor temp remotely lol
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Just keep the wind off and something like this will keep it warm on the sides of your smokers. 

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I agree. If it's not windy you should be able to do it. If you do have wind, you can move it behind a wind break. Like you said, there isn't much to loose if it doesn't work. You can always finish it in the kitchen once you get some smoke on it as a last resort.
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You don't mention what type of smoker you have. That can make a difference in the answer to your question. I smoke year round, today it is currently -16 with wind. I plan on smoking later today. I'll be using mini-WSM and don't plan on doing anything different than when it's 80 out. Well except I plan on not being outside much!
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I'm using an offset side boxe smoker
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Well fired up my smoker at 5am it was 18 below 0 smoked a pork butt worked fine roast was awesome
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