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horizontal offset smoker

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Thanks for the help guys
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Hi Zeller, welcome. I have a drum smoker so I can not help you. The forum has a great search bar on top of the page. Just type in what topic you need help on and you will find a lot of info. There are a lot of very knowledgable people on here that will help you out.
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I've got a masterbuilt, I put charcoal and wood in the offset. Not tried any fuel in the cooking chamber.
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You only need to put your fuel in the fire box, whether it be charcoal or wood.  You would be direct heating the meat instead of indirect if you put a fire in the smoking chamber.


Light a fire and check the temps with an ET-732 or the like.  You can move the probes around and get an idea of the temperature gradients throughout the smoker.



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Absolutely, as Ryan said , Only in the Fire Box . Here's an article that will help some...


any other questions , PM me. I'll be more than glad to help.



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  Hi Zeller. As said above, heat from the firebox only. Most new smokers need a few mods to help out. If you are using charcoal in the SFB I feel the most important mod is to add a charcoal basket. With this you can load more charcoal to start with and burn for longer periods of time without reloading. I mix my wood chips into the charcoal to keep a nice TBS rolling.

 Light at one end (sort of a minion method) and it will burn for hours at a fairly steady temp.


  Hope this helps.



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