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I use an apple corer to remove the seeds and ribs, and I basically use the (gloved) left hand holding the pepper with the point downward.  Then I use the right hand to press small amounts of the stuffing mixture into the ABTs until they are full as I prefer.


I try to keep the mixture as cold as I can stand to use it, and smoke them vertically.


Now I also have a coworker that simply splits the peppers lengthwise, cores the seeds and  ribs out with a teaspoon and spreads cream cheese into the center, and then places them on the plate..


I like mine, but enjoy his as well.  Both are good, and appeal to different people, but hey cream cheese would be good on at shoe if a little flavoring and smoke was applied. . . . just my opinion.


Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

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Split in half and spread filling with a butter knife
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I bought a large livestock plastic syringe, snipped off the end and drilled the hole big enough for the mixture to pass through. Place in the cap end and mash !

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I use a cheap jerky cannon with the stick end on it, if it will pump cold burger it will pump soft cream chesse :-)

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Originally Posted by rabbithutch View Post

I've used the pastry bag but find it to be a bit cumbersome and messy and clean up can be a pain. I've looked a cake decorating devices sold by Wilton and other such devices (never saw the Jerky gun before). The problem with most of these is that they have a narrow filling orifice or a very wide one that you have to keep sealed up (think pastry bag). I think I would find filling and cleaning the Jerky gun a PITA. What I'm looking for is something that has a wide filling orifice - like a funnel but without the sharp taper - and a narrow and relatively deep business end. Something like this (but not as large; this one is 15-1/2" wide):

It should be relatively easy to fashion a piston of sorts to push the stuffing right into the peppers.

Looks like someone listened to your idea

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I made buffalo chicken ABTs with small sweet peppers. For the filling I just used the buffalo chicken dip recipe from the Franks Hot Sauce website. I made some by cutting the caps off and some by slicing them in half. I beat the hell out of the filling in the kitchen aid so it was really smooth and used the old ziplock trick you mentioned. Definitely easier to fill the flat ones and I like that method better because you can add more filling.

Only have pics of the flat cut peppers...

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I smoked my ABT's today with Haggis and Jalepeno white cheddar, turned out even better than I expected.  The Haggis gave the ABT a really nice oatmeal texture while the pepper, cheese and bacon provided the flavors.



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I like to stuff mine with cheddar cheese, cream cheese, your favorite spice, chopped onions, little smokies, chicken, shrimp or Spam. My favorite is chicken. Then wrap in thin sliced bacon and in the smoker until the bacon is done. About three hours at 225° - 240°. Here is a pic of my last batch....RTB

Birds eye view.

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I use my fingers.

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I can't figure out what the big deal is about leaving the pepper whole? __  It's going to be in two piece's after you bite into it anyway!



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  I'll take two orders to go, please!

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I'm a slicer in halfer :-) much easier....less messy....makes more lol.

I used to top stuff but it was a pain in the pork butt

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Buy disposable pastry bags. The easiest way is to place the bag into a tall drinking glass. Fold the top of the bag over the lip of the glass and fill. Keeps the edge of the bag clean. I'm a pastry chef, so I fold the bag overt hand and fill with the other hand, but the glass makes it easy.
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I make a chipotle cream cheese(same way you would a mayo), fill with the cream cheese, cheddar, then wrap with bacon

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Originally Posted by PadronMan View Post

I'm a slicer in halfer :-) much easier....less messy....makes more lol.

I used to top stuff but it was a pain in the pork butt


I concur!

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My son-in-law was over here and we were smoking a pork butt.  He shows up with about two dozen jalapeno and Crab meat chunks .then he halved and seeded the peppers then mixed up a box of "Stove Top Stuffing" and then would put a piece of the crab meat into a half, spoon full of the stuffing mix and then wrap with a slice of bacon.  We threw it on the smoker until the bacon and stuffing mix firmed up and WOW!  They be good.

Sorry, didn't get any Q-view.

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Used to stuff mine with andouille sausage, but can't find a good one around here anymore. So now I use a mixture of spicy pork breakfast sausage, shredded cheddar, cream cheese, and bbq rub. I just cut the tops off and core then. It's messy and takes a bit of time, but I prefer the pepper whole. They always turn out amazing.
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I don't make them standing up very often. If you half them, I call them boats, you don't need a special; rack. I can completely fill a smoker with boats for a large crowd. when I do stand them up, I use something similar to this. It's a cookie press with a stuffer nozzle.

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I've done them both ways and each is good.  When vertical, they work fine,  When making the "boats" I wrap with bacon and they are wonderful.  Most of the time, I do a combination of both depending on how much room I have on the smoker


No matter how many I make, they disappear at a fast pace.  The last two times, I was busy taking them off and missed snagging one for myself.  But hey, its all good when family and friends are around.


Good luck with them.



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