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drip pan height

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Just curious as to how high the drip pan should be in a UDS above the fire box? I have my top rack 4 inches from the top of the drum. Then i just need to install a drip pan now. And if i have a drip pan should i add a heat diffuser or does it matter really?

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I have a adjustable charcoal basket so I can raise it to sear.


It is 18" off of the bottom of the barrel.


I never use a drip pan and just started using a diffuser.


I like the diffuser cause the meat doesnt turn black, gives a nicer color.

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hi brgbassmaster

are you using a weber type dome lid or the original lid that comes with the drum?

my uds has a dome lid and i sometimes use a pan with a rack(cake cooling rack) on top of it then place the meat on that or i use drip pans on the second rack i also have a third rack about 1 1/2 inches above the charcoal basket that i use to put a diffuser on(stainless serving tray) 

hope this helps

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I have 5 racks in my UDS. I do have a weber dome top. It alows me to have a large cut on the top rack. As smoker Paul said. I can put a foil pan on the rack below. Take a long wonder threw the UDS build section. Their are a lot of good ides their.

Happy smoken


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I have the webber dome lid. I was just wanting to add a drip pan for briskets juices. Now I'm thinking about adding a heat diffuser also because I'm tired of my pulled pork bark turning black. The flavor is good but i don't like the color lol. And my brisket turned that color to. The ribs are the only thing i can get to come out nice and red.

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hi brgbassmaster

i would go for a diffuser, set it about 2 inches above the charcoal basket also try using drip pans as the juices can add another flavour profile and moisture to the finished product (especially pulled pork) .what wood do you use for the smoke as this can also effect the colour of meat ,i mainly use fruit wood ,i find that apple gives a light colour but if i use cherry it is much darker  

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I use hickory wood and even my ribs turned black.



photo adamphone076_zps54fc7356.jpg


Before diffuser




photo adamphone118_zps79cec610.jpg



After diffuser

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wow c farmer

just shows how a diffuser changes the appearance of the finished product !!

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It sure does, I will be keeping the diffuser.

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I have used apple for everything except a brisket. But looks like i will be adding a diffuser. I don't have problems with ribs just my pulled pork and brisket. taste great just bad color.

Thanks guys.

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