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Dry Brine

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Did a dry brine on a bird today.  Started the brine on Wednesday.  Gave her a good rinse last night.  In the smoker this morning.  Very tasty.  I overcooked the breast a little.  Got side-tracked on a home project.  Still good.  However, the dark meat is pretty salty.  Breast, not so much.  I gotta say the dark meat is close to inedible with saltiness.  Maybe next time I just dry brine the breasts and leave the darker meat.  It's more forgiving anyway.



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I did a dry brine on a 7.5 LB breast. It was the first time. I hadn't even heard of it till a couple of weeks ago. I used 1.5 T kosher salt. It was wrapped very tight in plastic wrap. I started the brine early Monday. Wednesday I remove it and washed it off. Then sprinkled with rosemary.Their was a lot of water in the wrap when i removed it. Smoke it at 350°. It did have nice flavor. BUT I HAVE TO SAY IT WAS NOT MOIST LIKE THEY SAY. I have cooked a lot of turkeys. Fried, smoked and baked. I think if I had just removed it from the bag it came in and smoked it. IT would have been a lot better. Moral of the story. I will not be dry brining a turkey again.

Happy smoken.


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I might try just a breast even though I prefer the dark meat, better flavor.  But I'm really surprised at how salty the dark meat is compared to the breast.  Maybe I didn't rinse well enough but I thought I did.

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