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No Brine, No Problem?

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I'm doing a 15# turkey tomorrow for a "late Thanksgiving" and was not able to brine it ahead of time.  I know I'm missing out on possibly adding flavor, but am I still going to get a juicy bird as long as I watch the temp?  Planned on finishing in the oven at 425 after the bird hits 150 in order to crisp the skin. 


Bird has 8% solution in it already, am planning on using the Foster can method so turkey will be upright in an aluminum pan.   



Also, was going to rub it tonight and let it sit for about 11 hours in the fridge.  Will this cause it to lose moisture? 



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You will still have a juicy bird if you stick to your plan and watch the temp. There really is no reason to put the rub on ahead of time. You can rub it and put it right in the smoker.

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I don't do turkey, but I do a ton of whole yardbirds.


I brine way less of them than the few that get brined.


Others will say this is heresy?


Cook it right and it will be good.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks for the reassurance Venture. Here's then Q-view of the final result. Looks good and tasted the same!

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Looks like it did turn out nice!



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Looks good.

Generally, if I don't have time to brine, I will inject instead. Melted butter, along with whatever else sounds good to flavor it.

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Well I am an ole country boy livin and lovin the simple life.  I am sure yall gonna boot me or something but I aint ever brined nuthin.

:biggrin:.  I aint against it necessarily It just aint the way my ancesters taught me.  and I am a traditionalist.  I have done many things on a pit from whole hog and half a calf to shrimp and many many things between.  Nothin brined and most were great.  Aint no one perfect.

I may try it someday but aint in a hurry.  I Q for me and da wife and we ssure like what we do and it aint briney salty and every thing don't taste like ham.

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