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Hello.  I sat indulging in mine tonight and I thought , what a great thread to start.  So I put my clothes back on and started to type.  :ROTF  Folks might even give these things a try.  Many folks here post some fantastic recipes and how to's; BUT!  What about that cheap, nasty, out of a can/package heat and eat?  C'Mon!  Most of us have at least 1 junk, cheap, nasty, heat and eat food we like.  Ante up here folks!  :icon_biggrin:  I LOVE hot dogs.  Now I do prefer beef and pork, no chicken added.  My second is Van Camps ( must be Van Camps ) Pork n beans with the hot dogs ( I can not get them in the U.K. ), these must be at room temp or even better served cold from the fridge without cooking.  Straight from the can. Cooking starts to turn them into baked beans.  My only other ( that comes to mind ) is SPAM ( my bags are packed and I fully expect to be handed my marching papers and sent off the site in SHAME! ).  I was raised by my Grandparents.  They went through the depression.  To say they were conservative with money would be a vast understatement!  I was brought up eating it fried and I have a couple other recipes Grandma came up with that have surprised more than a few folks.  I find that most of these things go back to our childhood and have in a strange way become "comfort food".  They also tend to bring back memories of Mom and Grandma.  In my opinion anything that brings back the memories of that carefree time in life can't be all bad.  SO!  Add the recipes and admit we are human and let's see what comes from it.  We may all find some weird, wonderful, unusual, not thought of, and down right great tasting food.  They may sound too strange but as we are all "foodies"; don't knock it till you try it.. Just my opinion.  Keep Smokin!


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Great thread !!! My DLS is Kraft mac & cheese. It has to be the cheap stuff with the powder. Can't be any cool shape, can't be the squeeze packet. My wife won't eat it, she says it isn't even real cheese ( and is proabaly right ) . But I don't care. biggrin.gif Grew up eating it, and still do !!!!!! drool.gif
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Hello Tim.  Have eaten my share.  YEP!  The really cheap nasty stuff.  Guess I have more than a couple DLS.  :ROTF  Even introduced the English wife to that nasty stuff and she kinda likes it.  Have we lost our minds?  How can something sooo cheap and nasty taste good?  I dread to think what is in that powdered cheese packet.  Keep Smokin!


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Vienna sausages. LOVE THEM.

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Nothing wrong with SPAM. We fry it up nice and crispy. Never thought to smoke it. Tabasco flavor is great.

I like frozen pot pies for something quick. Marie Calendar are my best.
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I like peanut butter and mustard sandwiches on toasted bread.

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THESE are GREAT!!!! I knew there were things out there!  Vienna sausages are a favourite of my Dad.  Peanut butter and mustard?  There is a new one.  AND I got it MUST be on toast!  I just knew this was going to be fun.  Like my porknbeans being Van Camps and must be cold.  I knew we would find some interesting things.  Keep 'em coming.


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I'm with the bum, Vienna sausages but they have to be the ones in hot sauce. I have gone as far as having the local grocery store order me a case as the ones in hot sauce are harder to find. And Jam46 I am a fan of not just the peanut butter and mustard, you need to add some dill pickle slices to that Sammie. Brings it to a whole new level.
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Also grew up eating radish and butter sandwiches. My grandma got me started on them when I was little. Has been years since I have had one. The memories are rushing back. She is quite a lady !!!!
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I am still waiting for Jimmy J and jarjarchef to weigh in on this one.  You just KNOW they have to have some guilty pleasures.  :icon_lol:


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Hello Tim.  My purpose has been achieved.  The memories are what this is about thread is about.  Glad Grandma came back to mind


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Scrambled eggs topped with grape jelly. Strawberry will do in a pinch, but grape is the best by far.
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Folks in NC will know this product (made in Greensboro, I think):
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Put it on saltine crackers and cut a thick slab of the sharpest, toughest cheddar 'rat' cheese and you take me back 65 years sitting in a fishing boat on a large lake with my Dad on Saturday. Liver pudding, Vienna Sausages, pork and beans (Van Camps, YES!) and a Coca Cola in a 6 oz bottle made with real sugar. Mmmmmm!

My parents lived through the Great Depression with a houseful of kids (8, I didn't come along until after WWII started). Dad was raised in an orphanage at the turn of the 20th Century, a place where children starved to death. When the depression came along, he took what cash he had left and took a lease on a few acres of land in the country and bought a couple of hogs, a cow, some chickens, and the tools needed to garden. My Mother had a set of twins and 2 other kids at home during that time. Dad continued with a garden - called a Victory Garden during WWII - until the late '50s when emphysema limited his activities. To say that we grew up frugally would not be understood by most people. I was taught that I could take as much on my plate as I wanted but that I had to eat every scrap of it because it meant that it wasn't available to anyone else.

Our comfort food was fried chicken on Sunday at dinner (midday meal) with mashed potatoes and sliced fresh tomatoes, okra, corn, collards, or turnip greens (depending on the season) and homemade biscuits.
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All I can say is Monty Python had it right!


spam1.gif   spam1.gif   spam1.gif   spam1.gif   spam1.gif   spam1.gif


Grilled BBQ's Spam! A pipeliners feast!


Ya know I seem to remember a thread here where someone made their own bologna and BBQ'd it and just talking about that my mouth is watering!

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For those of us old school folks who have a grease jar/can on the counter, a drippings sandwich.   Slather some bacon drippings from the can onto a piece of lightly toasted bread then put back in the toaster for a few seconds to heat the drippings up.



Oh, and the best part about eating a nicely cooked piece of beef is sopping up the juices/drippings with a warm buttered piece of baguette.

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Even older folks here in England know about the drippings on a slice of bread.  Guess good tasting indulgences are universal.  Turnip greens?  Most folks look at me like I've lost my mind when I talk about turnip greens or beet greens.  Many of these bring back fond memories of my childhood and family.  Thanks for sharing.


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I have all kinds of DLS, Spam I like to put my rib or butt rub on and smoke, the Vienna Sausage are great, Instant potatoes, we have Meadows Brand Liver Pudding up here, I like Chef Boyrdee Ravioli from the can, chicken noodle soup cold pop the top and eat, the little cheap Jenos or Totinos frozen pizzas toss a bit extra cheese on them, not a sardine fan but the smoked kippered herring are great on crackers, That is just some of the many skeleton in my closet, please don't tell anyone.

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th_HaHAAHaa.gif  Hello shtrdave.  Don't worry.  Youe secret is safe with me!  This stuff is GREAT!  Folks who spend HOURS smoking a butt or brisket, and YEARS trying to develop the perfect smoked butt or brisket; and then they admit to cheap hot dogs, Spam, Vienna sausages and instant potatoes.  Some of these things I have tried; others sound strange but most have me rolling on the floor laughing.  Have to admit:  YEAH I have eaten that before.  EX military will also have to remember Sea Rations or what ever they are called in your particular branch.  Most times eaten cold.  WHAT NASTY TASTING CR**!  But when you were that hungry they were almost as good as a well cooked T-Bone.  :ROTF


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You folks have me curious.  This liver pudding, is it like Braunschweiger or a german liver sausage?


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