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Bear mountain pellets sponsorship, oh yes! Uk supplier you hear me cry? I need info if anybody has it! Lol yahoo.gif
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Hello Ben.  I am not sure if you are asking if we know of a supplier or are you saying you are trying to/ want to become a supplier? One thing I do hate is an unanswered question.  I feel like we have let someone down.  I guess we can't answer them all; I don't mind saying I don't know, but I do feel we should try to help.  So I guess I'm as dumb as a bag of rocks but if you tell me what you are looking for I'll certainly help you look.  Good luck.


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No Danny defo don't want to become a supplier, but I was finding it hard to get a supplier in uk but got it sorted thanks to SMFUK. It usually costs more than the pellets to get them over to ireland but what do you do?! Worth it I suppose.

Anyway thanks for the concern

Keep smoking
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Hello Ben.  Glad it is sorted.  Would you mind sharing the supplier you found?  Keep Smokin!


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