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Thanksgiving Bacon

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I put my bacon in the smoker at 6:45 this morning . It spent the last 13 days in Pops Brine cure and I am smoking per the instructions on the BACON(extra smokey) thread by Bearcarver . I cut my side into 3 pieces so it would fit into pans for brining . I put the pepper /garlic powder on one piece and left the other two pieces plain . 


I am planning on 10-12 hours in the smoker . My AMNPS is loaded with 1/2 hickory and 1/2 apple pellets . 


Cant wait to taste the finished product !!!!!!!

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  Sounds like a plan! Don't forget to show  the sliced pics!



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Mmmmm..bears recipes rock
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Dang nab it man that sounds great cant wait for the pics

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Sounds good! Just threw a bucket of brining pork loin in the fridge myself, can't wait to see how it turns out  :canada-flag-68:

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4 hours smoke 

8 hours smoke 

12 hours smoke 



 wrapped and in the fridge ........... will slice in a couple days 

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There is nothing like smoked bacon. An excellent Christmas present? Cured belly ready to smoke!


Nothing like smoked bacon......


Congrats on your bacon, looks great!

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First Bacon fry !!!!!! ........ it smells sooooooo good !!!!



 It IS  good ! ............ perfect saltiness with more of a sweet flavor than store bought .


Note to self : remember to take the skin off BEFORE slicing ......LOL



My slicer is a small Rival so I had to make shorter slices but it tastes just the same ............... all in all ......... I declare it a success 

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That looks great! Goodjob!:beercheer:

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Your bacon looks great! :icon_mrgreen:

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Man that looks good!!! Reinhard

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Outstanding color.. gotta love homemade bacon
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Way to go!!! Now I need to go out to the freezer in my cold ass garage and  pull some of mine out to thaw.. Im so starving for bacon as I type this..

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Looks Amazin'! 


I wish I could find belly in S. Florida.  If I am so lucky to, they slice it around 3/4" thick, and leave none whole for guys like me.  When I ask them, they just give me a blank stare.

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