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Yeah messed this one up a bit

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So 13 lb turkey, kept the offset at 300-315, everything I read said it would be at least 3 hours, so I didn't check temp for the first 3 hours just spun it around once.  3 hours and check temp, breast at 198, the only hope I have is that I injected the shit out of it and when I checked the temp there were juices flowing everywhere.  Lunch is at 12, so we will see how bad this is..... Either way pics to follow  of why you should always keep a thermometer in the food smh.

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That's hard to hear but i dont think all hope is lost..atleast its not under done LOL!


But i'd wrap in foil and put in cooler to let it slowly cool...maybe hold off on towels for now then add them after a hour to keep what heat is in there in there

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Make lots of gravy!

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Didn't use a drip pan, any ideas on gravy with no drippings?  Also it is wrapped up with a ton of juices, would injecting all of the juice back into it help at all?

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I have been threre and done that one time and then I found maverick wireless thermometers. If I were you.......

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There's always foil packet gravy mix. It's not as good as fresh, but it's better than nothing.


As for the meat, you can try the pulled pork trick. Cut up the meat and place into a foil pan or similar. Then pour the juices over, cover with foil, and let it soak a while. Some of the juices should be reabsorbed by the meat. You won't have the "Oooh, aahh" presentation, but at least the meat won't be so dry.

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Chipped turkey over toast? Bacon drippings as base? Heavy cream, peas, turkey breast chipped up. Just an idea. Hate to see the dog get all that 

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