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Help me time my Brisket Flat.

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So for Thanksgiving I am smoking a Turkey and a Brisket Flat.   

I am good on the turkey But this is only my 2nd Brisket.   And its a Flat, so what time should I put this on to get it done and rested by 5Pm?



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Brisket can vary quite a bit, but to give you some ballpark numbers we need a weight at least.
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sorry, thought i posted weight, its 5lbs

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Also keep in mind that a brisket can stay in a couple layers of foil and wrapped in a cooler for hours so don't worry about having it done an hour or three early.
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Brisket is usually estimated at 1.5 hr/#, but If you did 2 hr/# to be safe it would be ok, cause you can always leave it in the cooler if it pops out early. That is just my humble opinion.

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What temp are you planning to smoke it at?

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At 250, you should be able to cruise at about 1.5 hours per pound.  However, I'd leave myself a little additional time, in case you have any trouble holding your smoker temps in this weather.  If it were me, I'd figure it like this:


5lbs x 1.5hrs = 7.5hrs cook time + 2hrs rest time = 9.5hrs


Obviously, you don't need to rest the thing for a full two hours, but it will keep in the cooler that long.  If you run over your cook time estimate by an hour, you still have an hour to rest the brisket.


This all assumes that you don't get a "stubborn" brisket.  We've all had at least one stubborn piece of meat that seems to take forever.  Nothing you can do there, but it helps to have a backup plan (more appetizers, anyone?).


Best of luck!

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