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Got the heat up as quickly as possible. Will post results. Also, lovin' the iGrill.

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Cool, good luck

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Dawg, which igrill are you using? I'm waiting on the review for the igrill mini before I commit to buying one.
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I have the original, but have asked Santa for the Mini. Original works great.
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I heard they are coming out with an android app that works with it. would love to check one out in a little more detail. There was a post an hour or two ago where a guy was looking for advice on probes. maybe you could help him out with what you know.

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Is this right, y'all? It looks like my breast IT is gonna hit 165 in about 3 hours. Seems quick.

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Awesome presentation and carving skills. Looks great dawg!

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Thanks! It was the perfect side item to watching Miss. State give a beat down to Ole Miss...for the fourth time in five years.
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