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Using WSM in cold MN temps?

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Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've been on here and wanted to ask a question. Those of you that use a WSM, and in Minnesota, have you used it during the winter and how do you maintain steady temps? This is my first winter with the WSM in the garage, I have seen Harry Su from Slap Yo Daddy BBQ use a water heater blanket. Does it actually work? As you know temps can be as low as 10-20 degrees when I would be using it. Any help or ideas would be great. I also have a Digital Bradley that I have wrapped a heavy blanket around it but it does not get very hot. Just don't compare to the WSM. Thanks everyone.
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Sorry for the duplicate posts, darn iPad didn't show that it was submitted.
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No prob I took care of the duplicates.
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Thanks for cleaning those up for me biggrin.gif
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Can anyone in a cold climate help me with this question?help.gif
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I have the WSM and use the DigiQ and a Silver Bullet jacket.  I have no problems with keeping an even temp even with temps below 32 degress.

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23 dollars to winterize 3 smokers.  Dead air around the smoker with reflectix on the perimeter.

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I did a smoke the other day in the low 20. I have a trailer smoker. I keep the wings down close the front with a tarp and part way closed the back. Then park a van to block wind. Got it up to 350 to do turkey's. Were very good. Keep smoke vented!!! But can you put some type of enclosure around the pit. Don't stoke your fire before opening pit. That will fill you enclosure with smoke. I also use a BBQ guru to fine tune temp. Use dry oak for heat with cherry / pecan for flavor. Block all the wind you can. The roof on mine helps hold the heat in. I also use wireless thermometers so I can be in where it is warm. Have it parked close to the house so wireless work. Have to load wood about every hour. I won't do over a 5 - 7 hour smoke. If doing pulled pork, take it out after that time and finish it in the oven. Read one of Jeff's emails about doing that. So after I get the smoke and am down to just needing time and heat. I move them. I am on a diet and have lost 105 lbs. the main way I can eat the no salt, no sugar lean meats is to smoke them. So I will have to find away to smoke all winter. For time reasons I will schedule the day I am smoking and I have to do it that day no matter what the weather does or it might be a few weeks before I can have time. I have even backed up by a car port and smoked in the rain. It helps to have a built on building. Also makes it cool with shade in summer.

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