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Meat slicer recommendation help

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Anybody have any good recommendations on a meat slicer? Light residential use so no need for anything commercial grade. Budget would be 150-200 or less if the quality is there. My problem is every one I see for a decent price has horrible reviews. I get having one or two bad reviews because crap happens but the ones I have looked at have terrible reviews. Anybody know of a reasonable slicer?
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The best buys are from Ebay. keep your eyes open and be ready to jump when one pops up. I got a Unevex 12" commerical slicer for $190.00 others on here have also found good deals.




What are you planning on slicing?

Happy smoken.


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Bride got me one of these for a gift a year ago.... I like it... It will slice most slabs of bacon... get both blades.... regular for meats... scalloped for crusty soft breads... I slice those big round sourdough loaves weekly using the scalloped blade... it's worth it.... Meats need to spend a little time in the freezer before slicing...

Chef's Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer..... about $150 on Amazon... Cleans up easily.... works well....
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Thanks. I'll check those out.
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