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Akorn nomex moD

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I just put the nomex tape on the ash pan of my akorn. Its no longer white now lol.

Here is my question, it did this even before i added nomex. Why do i have moisture/water build up in ash pan??? It does come out between ash pan and main housing. Now nomex is black.

Anyone else have this issue???
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I'm not familiar with the akorn... but let me ask this... do you use a drip pan under your meat ? or do juices and drippings go straight down to the fire and ash pan ? also.. do you use a water pan ? does it leak ? do you cook with top vent closed or near closed ? just trying to gather more info...
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I use pizza stone. Water pan. Grill grate. Food either on grate or in pan. Top damper barely open. I use pitmaster iq 120.
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