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Broken knob on regulator

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I was changing an empty tank today and the knob on my regulator hose broke. It was the back part of the knob that pulls the male adapter ino to the tank valve. It just cracked and came off in little pieces as I was tightening.

This is on my grill that will be retired after Christmas so I do not want to invest in a new hose. I could (GASP!!!) take the hose off my smoker but would rather not.

My question to the group, it looks as if I could fit a thin washer on the inside of the coupler and this would allow the adapter to pull in to the tank valve.

Any thoughts? Or should I retire it early and plan on no grilling until 2014?

Have no fear, the old grill will live on somewhat. I will be using the base and mounting my MF smoker to it.
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I think you can buy a knob for around $6-8. Propane is pretty volatile and not worth getting hurt over.

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If you have a harbor freight near by, I have bought them for as little as 6 bucks.
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