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UPDATE - Q View - Black Friday - Smoking Friday

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Hello all,


So Next Friday I refuse to succumb to the ridiculous shopping habits of us Americans, so I plan on smoking instead :biggrin:


Only thing is, the weather forecast currently says partly cloudy with a low of 18 and high of 34.


This will be my first smoke in the cold. Any ideas on things I need to be concerned about. Will I just need a bigger fire, Do I need to erect a shelter for the smoker? etc. Let me know what you guys do in the cold.


The plan is:


Meat on by 6 am

10lb pork shoulder

Breakfast Fatty done by 9

Turkey dinner fatty by 12


Dutch's wicked baked beans and pulled pork for dinner.




Here is some pics from tonight's prep. Fatties and Picnic are ready to go in at 6 am.




Breakfast sausage, Hashbrowns, smoked Cheddar, and Eggs in a blanket.





Turkey sausage, potatoes, turkey, green bean casserole, and stuffing in a turkey blanket... I don't have high hopes with the turkey bacon.






Skin off the shoulder and Jeff's Rub all over.  Will make the ABTs and Dutch's Wicked tomorrow.


Will add Q View as we go tomorrow.


If you are shopping stay safe and spend well!  Happy thanks giving 



First Fatty done






Second fatty and ABTs are done.  Pleasantly surprised by how good the turkey sausage and bacon came out. 






Pork and Beans











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What type of smoker will you be using? Wind always is more of a concern to me than cold. Is it out in the open? Under a patio cover?
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Here is my setup (Pictures worth a 1000 words):




If I move the smoker closer to the house (right of the picture) I can get most of it near that wall which might help.

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I too am smoking a lot this coming week.
The weather seems to not be cooperating, cold , wind and rain. I am moving my smoker and tablea into my tractor shed. It is open on one side for ventilation. Wind is my worst enemy here at the base of the mountain.
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I'm not to familiar with that type of smoker....but anything you do to get it out of the wind will help. Happy Smoking!
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if its going to be cold and windy, definitely get it sheltered from the elements, you will loose a ton of heat and burn a lot of lump or charcoal trying to keep the heat up to temp

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24 F with no wind. it took a while to get the steel up to temp, but she's getting there.  Meats on. enjoy your day!

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What a great day... Q view in the first post.   

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