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New Member, New Smoker Build.

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My first smoker build.

This is the cabinet I picked up on EBay. It is a plate/food warmer.

This is the original controller but it will be replaced as it only goes up to 85'C (English)

Original controller removed, and two new holes cut. Original hole will have a Digital Timer Fitted and wired to a socket that's mounted on the back, for the Smokai Air pump to plug in to. I am looking at setting smoking time and the turn power to Air Pump off after desired time.

First new hole will have a PID to a leave in meat probe. Second hole will be cabinet/cooking temperature. Once the meat has reached desired cooking temperature, it will cut off the power to the cabinet PID. The meat PID will have a big temperature differential, so as the meat rests it will not put power on to the cabinet PID.

Holes drilled for the Smokai bracket.

Smokai Bracket mounted.

Smokai fitted.

Smokai smoke tube fitted above a tray I going to use to catch dripping fat etc.

First smoke test.

After smoke test I discovered that the top needed sealing to stop smoke escaping. Sealed with fire resistance sealer, with a Max temperature of 300'C.

Have drilled a 2 inch hole in the top, and now working on the Chimney.

More photos to come as soon as controllers arrive and Chimney is fabricated.

Looking forward to your comments.

Smokin Monkey
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Hello.  GREAT lookin build!  I like the way you are heading.  My only concern was that you said rest the meat in the smoker.  So long as the smoker is ONLY warm for resting and you have wrapped the meat in foil to conserve the juices you will be fine.  Good luck.  Keep posting.


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Hi, thanks for the advice about resting the meat. The reason I will be doing this is, I will not be there all the time to look at temperature of meat, this way it stops cooking and is resting. Once I get the hang of Smoking, I can judge the cooking times and be there to turn smoker off, wrap meat and let it rest.

Smokin Monkey
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That's Genius, I wouldn't know where to start.

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