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Had the same problem. I called rutland and they told me that their cement is not waterproof and will deteriorate with moisture and humidity even when cured. They told me to use hi temp silicone on cook chamber and had no cement for an outdoor firebox but suggested clamping the gasket somehow

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This build is what my dreams are made of, cant wait to convert a 275! Love the skills displayed here and thanks for sharing that gasket info as I'm having the same problem.

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Does anyone have any suggestions/experience with the product pictured below??? This is new-old stock from a waste to energy plant, so I assume it's probably good stuff.  2" wide flat braided fiberglass gasket with a 1/2" section in the middle that is unbraided.  This unbraided section is supposed to make it easy to fold or sit in an angular channel. I received 8 feet for 12 bucks and its recommended for barbecues, boilers, fireplaces, wood/pellet stoves. I plan on using a BLACK RTV Silicone (why so much red exists is baffling) to adhere & help seal my cooking and fire chambers. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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