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Gasket seal problems

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Hey guys. I recently put flat 1 inch by 1/8 inch fiberglass gasket seals around my cooking chamber doors and my firebox. I used Rustlands(I think) 2000 degree cement stuff for the adhesive. I got this from stovegaskets.com. I put a good amount on and let it get up to temp slowly (about 400 degrees) and kept it there for an hour then dropped the temp to 225 for 4 hours ish. I am using a 275 gallon stick burner if that helps. Here are a few pics. Anyway it was good for about three smokes and now all the gasket is peeling off and won't stay stuck. Can anyone help me figure out what to do here. Thanks.

Let me know if u can see the pictures. I have been having issues with this thing.
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Here are a few more pics just for fun

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Few more

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Few more

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Few more

Those are just a few pics of my new smoker. It's not done yet but just wanted to show everyone. What do you all think?
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Looking good,  I tried the Rutlands and had the same problem. On one of my ECB's I used the 3M high temp spray, gasket sill on. On a vertical, insulated RF we built we ended up going with a tadpole gasket we could screw on.



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Have any pictures of those gaskets Gary?
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Sure, let me find some and I'll post them



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Ceramic Cover/Ceramic Core Tadpole Seal

Ceramic Cover/Ceramic Core Tadpole Seal
larger image
Type 2 shown. Tadpole Seals are used in sealing oven doors, covers, damper blades, panel joints, ducting, expansion joints, burners and other applications where conformance to uneven flanges and surfaces is required. The tail or fin sections of the tadpole can be attached to metal or refractory surfaces by bolting or metal strapping, sheet metal screws, or by welding when the tadpole is made with metal mesh covers. Special application include extremely low, as well as extremely high temperature applications, as those found in cryogenics and refractory operations.



Core Material Description Ceramic rope
Core Material Temperature 1093 ° C
Core Material Temperature 2000 ° F
Cover Material Description .125" thick ceramic cloth with wire insert
Cover Material Temperature 1093 ° C
Cover Material Temperature 2000 ° F
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Do you think that will work on my doors? Will I have to move the hinges because that looks thicker by the rope part of it.
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Looking  at your door , not sure   We screwed this into our door but it was insulated  Here is a picture of the rope seal we used at first, then changed to the tadpole gasket. Main reason would not stay on the firebox door, soe we changed it all.       



 If the flat seal works you may try the 3M high temp spray adhesive

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Cool looking build man. Is your cook chamber walls 1/8" thick? I'm building a reverse flow myself with 1/8" cook chamber and was kind of worried about heat retention since it's a little thinner than recommended. Can you hold your temp pretty steady?
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The reason we went 1/8 "  is because it is insulated.  Fire box was 1/4"  the rest was 1/8"  we had the interior, than a space for the heat and smoke to travel up than back down, then insulation and the outer skin. Wound up being pretty heavy but work great, cool to the touch and you don't have to build a really big fire, seems to be working just fine, last time I checked. (A friend of my son's wanted it so it was sold before we even got it finished. We did cook on it a couple of times to make sure everything worked the way it was supposed to. Had to make a couple of small adjustments.  I have a reverse flow I use (in my avatar) offset type it is all 1/4"



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This might be a stupid question but how did you insulate it? I'm pretty new to all of this and I'm in the middle of my first build. You should click on my pic and check it out.
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Hey Nick, this was not my thread I was answering some gasket questions, the smoker I was talking about is the vertical box looking smoker. My smoker I use all the time is just an offset RF not insulated


What type are you wanting to build I can send you some pictures of the vertical insulated or the one I am using



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If you already started, post some pictures



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Actually Gary I think you've been to my build thread in the reverse flow smoker build forums. I'm building one similar to rweidner so I was asking about his tank thickness. I'm always happy to see pics though.
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I get confused   I guess CRS is kicking in



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I should've specified who I was talking to since I posted directly after your pics so I can understand the confusion. Your smoker is awesome as well.
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