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Pulled Beef

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Hey y'all!!


It's been quite some time since I have posted here or been around. You know, with deer season going on and football and such.


Anyways, I need some advice and tips and pointers.


I am looking to possibly making pulled beef and do it right. I tried doing it before and it was a horrible mess. I would like to ask the following...


1) What cut of beef should I be using to make this happen?


2) What rub do you recommend and do you recommend a sauce either KC or Carolina?


3) What's the cook time I am looking at and what is my target IT to be good for pulling? Is it the same as pork (Which I usually take to 205)?


4) Do you recommend that I inject it and if so, what do you recommend (I do have some Cajun Injector Brand injections/marinades)?


Any advice you guys have about this and answers to my questions would be extremely helpful. I want to branch out and try something new and get away from my usual cooks.


Thanks y'all!!    :usa:

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id do a chuck roast wit salt pepper and garlic.

smoke to a it of 195-205 then pull

sauce on the side
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