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Testing (turkey)...1...2...

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A little late in posting, but here's my test turkey that I prepared this past Sunday. Pretty simple prep, just rubbed under the skin with 2 sticks of real butter laden with my favorite herbs and spices, and dusted on the outside with Cavendar's Greek Seasoning. Stuffed an onion and some garlic in the cavity, and let it sit overnight in the fridge.


Got it on the smoker the next day at about 11:30 am over some oak and hickory splits, and let it roll til about 4 (smoking the whole time) at which point the wind started swirling, effectively shoving the airflow backwards through my offset. Into the oven!!! lol It happens. An hour in the oven, and it was crispy on the outside, and perfectly temped. :)


Turned out delicious, and I was really pleased with the color/skin texture. The hole where I pulled the pop-up was full of juices a minute after I took the timer out. :) Test subject was just over 14 lbs...I have my eye on a 21 lb bird that I'm planning to quarter if I get it, cause this little gem is almost gone (5 in the household). :)


In order: Ready to go in the smoker, appx 2 hours in, and done-resting and swimming in butter (made the best gravy ever!!!). :) Missing from pics: The requisite boudain (chef's gotta eat, right? lol)




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looks great
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