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While we are talking grinders, does anyone have any experience with the LEM big bite auger? I watched the LEM demo and can see why it would work well but I'm wondering if it is still beneficial when doing a second grind.

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What to say?


For centuries they did it with a knife.  Maybe a funnel type device fed by hand? (thumb?)


Hand powered crank grinder?  Still have my Mother's Universal #2 sitting right behind me.  It will grind. Lots of great memories of ham salad from that one!


I went with a powered grinder.  I tried stuffing cases with it.  You can do that.


I strongly recommend a dedicated grinder and a dedicated stuffer?


Lots of ways to chop or grind meat?


But the stuffer was like the sun coming up on a wonderful morning!


Good luck and good smoking.

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didnt even realize there was a classified here 

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Originally Posted by jsk53 View Post

I never thought about a stand alone stuffer. That actually sounds like a really good option. Then maybe I can continue to use the hand grinder I already have. Thanks for the suggestion on filling a larger casing as well. The Cabelas grinders do look pretty impressive though. I may want to try my hand at it before making that kind of investment though. That was why I was thinking about the attachment for my wife's Kitchenaid as that isn't too expensive. Appreciate the advice.

The Kitchen Aid Grinder attachment works great. I make 25lb of sausage at a time and grind it all up in no time. The trick is to get the meat almost froze and it grinds much better. Doesn't clog up the grinder that way. As far as the stuffer. The Kitchen Aid takes forever to stuff sausage. Get a 5lb stuffer at Gander Mountain or Cabelas. I paid $75 or so for my stuffer at Gander Mtn. Works great...Good Luck....RTB....:439:

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