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New to the forum but with a question.

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Hello all. New to the forum. I've been smoking meat for a few years now but I have run into a small dilemma to which I do not have an answer. So,this evening I was mixing up a batch of meat for some salami and once I added the spices and cure, I had to leave due to an emergency. I put the mixture into the fridge, covered. Now my question.Now that I'm home, Do I need to finish the process (stuffing and smoking) or can the meat wait until tomorrow morning to complete? Any info would be great. Thanks. Also, love this site. It's been a great source of info over the last few years of smoking meats.
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First off,
second! you will be fine waiting to stuff fit tomorrow..... I know several people that wait till the next day, they say it allows the meat and seasonings time to mellow together.......Just curious, where are you from??? ShoneyBoy
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Hey __________Liquid

I would have included a name, but you haven't been to roll call yet.  WELCOME anyway.  You will truly love it here.  People are friendly and helpful.  No attitudes.  Nothing like that.  Just good people.


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Sorry for not signing in at the Roll Call but I figured that this was the best way to get an immediate answer for a unknown problem. Thanks for your inputs. Now I will go over to Roll Call and check in.
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