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Danger of using galvanized hardware?

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I am about to commence building of my very first barrel smoker.  I was curious if there was any danger associated with using galvanized bolts and nuts for the firebox assembly? Typically I avoid using zinc coated material when there is high heat present. Doing some research online the temperature that zinc turns to zinc oxide is about 1650 degrees. Obviously this smoker will never reach that temperature, the sides would soften and collapse well before that temperature is reached.  I was just wondering if there was still any danger present from the zinc. Thank you.

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At high temps the zinc will burn off and be an airborne particle and will be picked up by the food. Not good
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so the consensus is do not risk it, what I figured but I wanted to be sure. So I guess most people use stainless steel bolts then?

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Many thanks for the responses Bmudd.

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no problem
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Lots of controversy on that one.


Some say never.  Others say burn it off and use it.  Others say the temps will not be high enough to worry about.


For myself?  It is very easy to avoid the zinc and just not have to worry about it.


Good luck and good smoking.

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What about spraying components with rust oleum grill paint after assembly?
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I think I would concentrate in not getting cadium plated hardware. Rt hat stuff will harm you.
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Grill paints are OK on the outside.


Would never use it inside a smoker or firebox?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Metal Fume Fever isnt something to mess around with. But yeah the cadmium coating on grade 8 bolts is even worse

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Hello.  This isn't the first time this has come up.  I hope it will be the last.  It's one of those things isn't it.  You maybe, kinda sorta, POSSIBLY be ok with the galvanised and the cad.. When I was a welder I had MILD poisoning from gal..  I also rebuilt oilfield equip..  I don't even want to think of the chemicals I inhaled when cutting and welding that stuff.  I was being paid good money and took my chances.  Even MILD poisoning was worse than any flue I have ever had.  When you are talking about the people you love; well, IMHO it's a no brainer. No disrespect intended.  Just PLEASE folks don't take chances and use these sorts of chemical coatings when building/cooking for family and friends.  If in doubt; leave it out.

Keep Smokin!


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What is the stove pipe listed as black matte made from? Is it just painted bare steel or is it galvanized steel with black paint over it?


I can also find imperial brand black matte but again no mention of any under coating.  Supervent brand does say that it is black painted galvanized steel.

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