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Tagging Help.

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I had a couple hours free today so I figured I'd do some tagging.  I am noticing a lot of new posts that aren't being tagged by the thread starter.  When you are starting a thread will you please place the proper tags on it. This will help us greatly to get all of the posts tagged on this forum.  If you are new to the forum or just didn't see Jeff's posts regarding the tags here is a link that does some explaining.  You can also use the search bar to find more info on it.  Thanks for your help.

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great reminder
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I struggled with the "tagging process".


Not the same as the low life people are doing in our cities!


I finally got it figgered out, but danged if I could give a good description.


Now I just have to remember to do it?


Thanks for the reminder!


Good luck and good smoking.

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It's a little discouraging finding posts recently commented on by administrators, moderators, and OTBS members that aren't tagged. :help:

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